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Coming of the Holy Spirit

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Follow the link to the sermon video used during this week's service:

Names of the Holy Spirit

Additional Notes:

Unfortunately this sermon recording cuts out before the end. Brian has provided the following message as a completion to his sermon. It should be read as an accompaniment to the above audio file:

" ... We see two types of tongues here. Those at Pentecost where people heard the speaking in their own language. But Paul also speaks of the Spirit's gift of tongues - of ecstatic utterance to God as He gives us this gift which transcends the limits of our human language. Given as we draw near to Him.

We also see the Holy Spirit empowering and drawing us to worship. As Don Carson puts it "without restraint or disharmony or sham" - without pretence or any kind of embarrassment.

The church grew under the influence and power of the Spirit - not just in numbers but as a community of God's people. There not just to support and encourage one another, but also as a forerunner to the eschatological end-time community of God's people gathered around Him and bringing Him honour and glory.

The quality of the life we have together as God's people is a means by which God reaches out to those who don't know Him, as they come to desire the same quality of life for themselves. In the early church people knew that others were disciples of Jesus by the love they showed to each other within the people of God.

Are we that sort of community? Doing life together. Characterised by an intimacy in our relationships and love and care for one another.

People gave under the influence of the Spirit. Gifts were harnessed and released. Holiness of life increased among the people of God.

Do we desire these things? Or do we fear they may unsettle our ordered lives?

The Apostle Paul, when writing to the church in Thessolonica, encouraged them and encourages us: "Do not put out the Spirit's fire." Are we sometimes inclined to work against Paul's encouragement and put out the Spirit's fire?

I pray not. I pray we might be open and expectant of all the Spirit has for us. That as we co-operate, God would be honoured and glorified and His Kingdom grow here in Balwyn and the surrounding area.

God bless. "