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Secret Trophies

Balwyn Anglican

"Your father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” — Matthew 6:18

He woke up thinking about her . . . not his wife. He was happily married with kids, but his biggest motivation in getting out of bed that day was seeing a woman he met through work. She was gorgeous and would make the perfect trophy companion. As he laid out his brand-new clothes with the intent to impress her, he stopped. He asked himself, “What am I thinking?”. Then he picked out some older clothes, put away the new ones for later, called a babysitter, and texted his wife, “Date night tonight!”.

Human behaviour is rooted in the desire for recognition and rewards. We seek trophies, honours, and accolades. Jesus understood this and spoke often to his disciples about rewards. Yet he remixes the whole idea by saying that it is what we do in secret, not in public, that determines the reward we will receive. Jesus defines character in a “what-do- you-do-when-no-one-is-looking” kind of way. It’s much easier to act the part if the people who expect it of you are watching. But when they turn away and we’re tempted to seek our own reward, what then?

Consider This:

What are your main temptations right now?

What kind of reward would you love to receive?

Take Action:

This week think about what it is you feel you want most and then ask God to sort it out for you in his way.