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Take Heart!

Balwyn Anglican

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” — John 16:33

Two things are certain in life—besides death and taxes. One, you will have trouble in this world. Two, Jesus Christ has overcome the world. It’s the combination of these two realities that led Christ to encourage us with an exhortation: Take heart!

As followers of Jesus, we should not expect to have trouble-free lives. Jesus makes it clear that we will in fact have struggles and problems in life. It’s in the midst of that trouble that we encounter Jesus in a unique way. Sometimes the trials we experience cause us to lose heart, and that means we lose confidence and enthusiasm for life.

When Jesus says, “But take heart!” he urges us to put faith in what he’s accomplished through his death and resurrection. Put your faith and confidence in him, not your circumstances. Don’t rely on your surroundings to fuel your enthusiasm for life. Look to Jesus and his purposes for that.

God is actively involved in the world, and though we sometimes cannot fully understand why he allows some things to happen, you can be fully assured that he will work through all things for the good of those who love him. Take heart!

Consider This:

What discourages you?

Which is more influential to your mood: your circumstances or Jesus?

Take Action:

Pick one promise from the Bible and think about it today.