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Simple Actions Say A Lot

Balwyn Anglican

“Come and have breakfast.” —John 21:12

A couple years ago an NFL MVP quarterback performed a little action that said a lot. The room was filled with powerful and influential people, but in the corner was a teenager sitting by himself. The NFL quarterback weaved through the room and sat down next to the teen, where he spent a significant amount of time asking him questions about his life. No doubt that young man will never forget talking to his sports hero. And the people who witnessed it may not have heard the conversation, but they still learned a great deal about that quarterback. Sometimes simple actions say a lot and make a huge impact.

In John 21, Jesus does a simple and profound thing. He invites his friends to eat breakfast with him. One of those people was Peter, the one who had denied knowing Jesus before the crucifixion. At this point in the story, the resurrection had already taken place and Jesus had limited time before he would ascend into heaven. He used that crucial and limited time to reconcile with a dear friend over breakfast. Peter then went on to play a huge role in the early Church.

What can you do with the limited and crucial time you have today? And who will you impact with it? You may find that your simplest actions are the most powerful.

Consider This:

Your time is limited. What is one thing you can do to encourage someone you care about today?  

Take Action:

Write your answer to the “Consider This” question on your to-do list.