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Transition Is Tough

Balwyn Anglican

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” —Luke 9:24

When Jesus speaks of losing our lives, he’s directing our attention to the fact that if we keep following the must-have-more philosophy of the world, we will never have enough. We will always be anxious for our status, our security.

“Security” is a very subtle snare that can trap us; it sells itself as the same thing as safety, but it’s not. Safety is found in the worry-free wonder of a radically open-to-God life. Security isn’t found in trying to control our own lives.

If we release our worries and anxieties about our own security and awaken our deepest desire to give ourselves to a greater, worthier cause, we will be surprised to find that new life—and a sense of real safety—has found and surrounded us in the process. Our destiny arises to meet us as an embrace of God-given security when we stop striving for ourselves, and settle into the rhythm of risk and rest that God has for us.

Consider This:

1. Do you ever fear that fully giving your life to God will result in losing something you love?

Take Action:

Ask two people who are older and wiser than you what this verse means to them.