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Feast Of St Barnabas

Balwyn Anglican

A Poem for the Feast of St. Barnabas

By Edward Henry, Bishop of Exeter Bickersteth

My God, my Father, let me rest
In the calm sun-glow of Thy face,
Until Thy love in me express’d
Draws others to Thy throne of grace.

O Jesu, Master, let me hold
Such secret fellowship with Thee,
That others, careless once and cold,
Won to my Lord and theirs may be.

Eternal Spirit, heavenly Dove,
The light of life to me impart,
Till fire descending from above
Burns on and on from heart to heart.

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Still, still may love to love respond;
And teach me, when I love Thee most,
Depths all unfathom’d lie beyond.


Edward Bickersteth was Bishop of Exeter from 1885 to 1900.

I must admit that I do like the tradition of calling these days “Feast Days” and I wonder why we in Australia dropped such phrases, I’m guessing because it was so English or perhaps feast days are identified as more Catholic and our Evangelical heritage removed them, who knows. Anyway, I hope you join us after church today for our own Feast of St   Barnabas.