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A Solid Base

Balwyn Anglican

Many years ago when I was thinking about leaving High school I thought about entering the building trade, my father talked me out of it because in 1974 he couldn’t see builders making much money in the future. My father was right about a lot of things, but this time he may have got it wrong.

However, over the summer of ’74 I worked for a local builder putting an extension on a house in Camberwell. When I arrived on site for my first day, they were just about to put the stumps into the ground and were waiting on the cement mixer to turn up.

Most of that morning was spent wheelbarrowing loads of cement from the front yard to the back so that the stumps could be put in place. It was important that we had a solid level starting point for the subfloor and later for the framing to be built upon.

Solid foundations are an important part of many things, but no more so than our Christian faith. This week, as I thought about our reading, many of the things I learnt on the building site over that summer came back to me.

Starting from a solid base and build so that things were square, level, plumb and true, or that it had the right fall, all these things are important whilst building, and I found myself reflecting on that time with joy and drawing a lot of parallels to building a house on rock to what I learnt on site.

As Jesus’ earthly father was a carpenter, and no doubt Jesus would have spent some time in the workshop, I can’t help but wonder if Jesus might have had similar feelings when He spoke using construction terminology.