Balwyn Anglican

Thank You & God Bless

Balwyn Anglican

Just a short note this week to say thank you for having me as your temporary Vicar for the past 5 months. I have got to know most of the names and also to know you as persons. I have enjoyed my ministry time with you and I hope you have gained from my time here. You may not have agreed with everything said and that’s ok – it’s a great privilege to be able to present a message each week, and as I always remind people, I am generally preaching at myself not at you, but I hope also for you.

Preaching and teaching is important, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but to a measure it’s probably my main contribution. I always remind congregation where I have been, not to put me in charge of organising events or managing the finances because the community would soon collapse with me doing those things.

Thank you for your encouragement, for even as locums we need the occasional kind words of genuine encouragement, as without that, ministers can lose heart somewhat and not make quite the same effort. I hope I have also encouraged you and made you feel closer to God for that’s what it’s about. No matter how well a minister might be busy and in ministry, if the congregation are not sensing a growth in the things of the Spirit then it’s not much value.

Finally as a locum it’s a different charge than being a vicar. There is not the weight of responsibility attached, and having been vicar at a few parishes I know how different that feels. The responsibility of seeing the church working well in service and properties, and extension of ministries does not fall to a visiting Minister. There are tasks that an appointed vicar has to handle or oversee that are never placed on a temporary replacement minister.

So thank you to you all, and God bless you and your new minister Roy as he settles infor you.