Balwyn Anglican

The Eternal Life

Balwyn Anglican

During the week, an article in the Age newspaper predicted the collapse of the car industry and the oil industry within 8 years. It’s all due to the change to Solar for home and electric cars. What a different world that will be with the demand for coal and its polluting effects dramatically reduced. It will be a world of battery driven cars, which will have minimal costs to run and will probably be driverless.

Of course many will reject these predictions as fanciful, but for my mind I think this is going to come about and fast. Think about a demand for oil, and how it will affect the suppliers especially from the Middle East where wars rage over the need for oil; and think also about a huge reduction in household costs, when the monthly petrol bill and household electrical build falls to a fraction of its present cost. I also think of the third world countries and how they will benefit from cheap energy, giving them lighting and heating which few can afford in the present day.

We thought that crazy invention call the iPhone or mobile phone was just a fad, and today there is hardly a person in the world who doesn’t carry one in their pocket. Who would have imagined this back in the 1980’s? I can remember a business friend who had one in their car and I asked him to take me for a drive to show me, it really works and he could actually talk to his wife at home while driving. The change has been dramatic and total and so will I believe, by all expert advice, will the change of the energy supply for homes and cars come and it will also be rapidly and total.

If and when all this happens, I think the world will be different and better for it. There will, of course, always be the issue of the suppliers and the enormous commercial power they will have. There will also be the present power corporations using all they have to preserve their markets, however history shows us that need and opportunity for change will sweep aside objections and fightback.

Yet there are some things that never change, and the spiritual needs of all is one thing that will never be obsolete. Mankind has an incurable hunger for the spiritual, and as one writer has put, “we have a God space in our hearts that only be filled by God”. In Sydney, during the 1940’s, there appeared the word ‘Eternity” written on footpaths in the city centre. It would appear mysteriously at night, and the morning workforce began to remember the powerful word ETERNITY. It was beautifully scripted, as if by an artist, and for years no could find the writer. In time, he became known and was given the name Mr Eternity. During the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, across the framework of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the word ‘Eternity “was placed. It was in neon and the whole world saw this word through their TVs or attending the games.

Man shall not live by bread alone, and while we value all the modern worlds’ improvement in energy, sharing and reduction in cost, we are also reminded of our eternal nature which is to find a relationship with the Eternal God, in whom our destiny lies far beyond this life. So while I am an amateur techie in being fascinated by the changes which are on our doorstep, my main life objective is to have a life with God through Christ, which is called Eternal life. So let us all enjoy the benefits of a modern world, but ever be mindful that we are here only for a short journey, and eternity is beyond. This transitory world will one day vanish away but God’s Kingdom is forever.