Balwyn Anglican

Thy Kingdom Come

Balwyn Anglican

Beginning on the day of Ascension, 25th of May, a world-wide wave of prayer will begin and continue for ten days concluding at Pentecost. It is the conception of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and calls all Anglicans and all others who wish to be part of this experience to pray each day the simple prayer ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

This prayer can be for friends and acquaintances who do not have any experience of the Love of God in Jesus Christ. It can be for the turbulent world in places such as Syria or Yemen, so many of them. Your focus might be on the plight of the refugees, and the political power brokers who can by decisions bring the wars to cease. Whatever you feel led to pray, it can be about Gods Kingdom on earth growing and expanding to bring light to individuals, and hope for those who suffer.

If you choose to join this prayer wave, you are asked to set aside time each day, over and above any current prayer practice, to pray “thy Kingdom come” with the emphasis you have chosen.

There is great power for change in community prayer, for as Jesus said “when two or three agree on earth in prayer it will be granted”. I have always taught that we need to spend time in finding God’s direction for our prayer, and when we come to an agreement on what to pray, we become very powerful in our prayers because the agreement is a vital test on what and how to pray. So often, we just pray without much thought on what to pray, and consequently our prayers have little power or direction.

Whatever way you join this worldwide wave of prayer, be it 2 hours or 30 minutes a day. Be it as an individual, or with a group of friends meeting in a home or at the church buildings. What matters is that you join in. You are being asked by the church at large, through the Archbishop of Canterbury, to make the decision to join this prayer time and then to discipline yourself to follow through.

Make no mistake, for as we pray in this way we release a mighty power of God’s love and change into the world. There is no greater power in the universe than prayer directed by God the Holy Spirit, through God the Son to God the father, by the people of God. This is the week to make your commitment to the prayer for God’s Kingdom on earth, and for God’s Kingdom in the world to come; I urge you to join this call to prayer on the day of Ascension.