Balwyn Anglican

You Cannot Help But Love Me

Balwyn Anglican

You Cannot Help But Love Me, You cannot help but care
Even when I can’t feel You, my soul knows You are there

For every time I fall or stumble on life’s path
I’m always guided lovingly back, with gentleness not wrath

My hand is held, my tears are dried, and all my wounds are dressed
I cannot imagine being more wonderfully loved or blessed

Sometimes my heart cries out in pain when I try to cope alone
But then I cast my eyes to You, You always lead me home

I always have Your love, Your comfort and Your care
And long to give You of my heart, when I offer You my prayers

You only want what’s best for me and I often have a choice
And bit by bit I’ve learned to listen to that still small voice

I try to keep my eyes on You focused on Your face
It leads me on day by day growing by Your grace 

And even though despite my best I don’t always get it right
I can always talk to You dear Lord and tell You of my plight

And You can’t help but love me
I am one whom You died for
And though I try to love You……..

You will always love me more.

Jacqueline Porter 2005