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Freedom For Living Like Jesus

Balwyn Anglican

““Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’” — John 8:31-32

Have you ever watched a video where the audio wasn’t lined up with people’s lips? At first it’s kind of funny, then it becomes annoying, and finally you just have to shut it off before it drives you crazy. Religion can feel like that. We want to explore it, but we struggle to figure out how to align our lives with it; it’s easier just to shut it off. The words of Jesus in John 8:31–32 can be very encouraging if you’ve ever felt that way.

He’s saying that our goal in having faith isn’t to become super religious. Our goal is to become more like him—and that process sets us free. Jesus also taught that we grow in the context of a faith community that has rhythms and accountability. But the purpose of that community and accountability is to spur us on toward living and loving more like Jesus. The end goal is not to become more religious but to sync our lives with his.

Jesus was speaking to a group of people who needed to know they were free from condemnation, free from the bondage of sin, free to live life as God designed them to. This freedom is found in Jesus.

Consider This:

1. Do you think of yourself as a disciple of Jesus?

2. What kind of freedom do you think Jesus is talking about?  

Take Action:

Make it your goal to read more of Jesus’ words this year, and pay special attention to the teachings of Jesus. Do any of them surprise you?