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The Love That Created Them

Balwyn Anglican

The Love That Created Them

“And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.” — John 17:5

In the early 1990s it was the job of Joe Rohde to convince the Disney theme park designers that the Animal Kingdom was worth creating. They were sceptical. His words failed to prove that it would be more than a traditional zoo. So at the next meeting, he brought a four-hundred-pound Bengal tiger into the board room. That day the designers agreed the Animal Kingdom was a good idea. Rohde knew that sometimes words aren’t enough.

When Jesus prayed to God to glorify him, he was saying, “Father, let this act of love, this sacrifice that I’m about to make, show them the magnificence of the love that we share—the love that created them.” His prayer was that his sacrifice would communicate the love of God in a way that words could not.

Christ was glorified in his death and resurrection. In his sacrifice we see the depth of the love that is shared between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and has been since before the world began. That’s the love we’re invited to share, both with God and each other.

Consider This:

Have you ever had something you wanted to say, but you knew words weren’t enough?

How have you responded to Christ’s love for you?

Take Action:

Think of one thing you’d like to tell someone you love. Now make a plan for telling them  with actions, not words.


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