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Be Light & Salt

Balwyn Anglican



‘But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord’  
(Joshua 24:15)

There seems to be a political orthodoxy or correctness creeping in to public discourse which holds itself superior and above approach; which seeks to deny the possibility of reasoned and considered debate; and which attempts to pillory opponents, or those who hold a different view, while demanding for themselves a tolerance and respect they would deny others.

Most recently, we have seen this in the intimidation exercised against a hotel chain in Sydney, by some proponents of same-sex marriage to stop a meeting of Christian groups seeking to come together to discuss this important issue for our community and nation. 

Elsewhere, we have seen similar attempts to stifle debate and commentary on a range of issues including ‘Safe Schools’, border control and treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, aboriginal disadvantage, and so the list goes on.

How are we as God’s people to respond, and how are we called upon to act when such issues arise. Should we, as some suggest, keep our views to ourselves and refrain from public debate?

It is clear that we are not called on to vilify or demonise those who hold different views from our own.

However, I want to suggest that if we are to be light and salt in the world, as we are called to be, then sometimes we will be called upon to articulate views that are at odds with the prevailing tide of public opinion. This should be done with grace and generosity, yet with the strength and conviction that comes from prayer and study of God’s word.

Much false information and commentary is likely to emerge in the weeks and months ahead, yet scripture reminds us that seeking after God’s truth is not a vain exercise and that it is this truth that will in fact set us free.

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