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Islam And Christianity

Balwyn Anglican


The question of Islam is a matter of much conversation and even concern in our community today. How do we get some understanding of what it teaches and expects of its followers in their daily lives? What is its relationship to Christianity? These are all questions that I believe cross many people’s minds from time to time. In thinking about these things, I have found the following books helpful for my understanding:

The Third Choice by Mark Durie – this book helps readers gain an appreciation around key understandings of Islam, and how they impact the lives of Christians living in Muslim societies.

Islam and Christianity on the Edge – Talking Points in Christian-Muslim Relations into the 21st Century, edited by John Azumah and Peter Riddell – this book is a ‘collection of essays by scholars and human rights activists addressing matters of theology, the interface between different civilisations and interfaith relations’. It is a fairly scholarly read but well worth the effort covering ‘some of the most controversial issues ranging from sacred texts to the politics of multiculturalism’.

You can get copies of the books from Koorong in Blackburn (Vicki Street, Blackburn) together with a whole range of other Christian literature, cd’s and DVD’s.

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