Balwyn Anglican

Who Is Wise?

Balwyn Anglican


What is wisdom? Or put another way who is wise?

Does it come from length of years? From the many experiences of life?

Does it come from study? From reading and meditating on the nature and purpose of life – from philosophy?

Does it arise innately in the human mind? These are questions we are pondering over these few weeks of this preaching series on ‘Wisdom and Folly’.

Maybe there is truth in each of these. Yet is it the whole picture?

Is it God’s picture?

Scripture tells us that God’s wisdom came in a person offering a relationship. It was shown in God’s coming to live among us, I his Son, to show us his love and the possibility of living lives that honour and glorify him as we serve him and each other in this world. It tells us that wisdom is in fact grounded in right relationship with him from which all else flows.

May we too be wise putting our faith and trust in him who is truly God’s wisdom come to us.