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The Final Authority

Balwyn Anglican


I have just finished reading Geraldine Brooks award winning novel ‘The Secret Chord’ which is based on the life of King David – the king after God’s own heart we read of in our scriptures. It is beautifully written and tells the tale of political intrigue, war and violence, human weakness and frailty, courage and vision, and the role of one who is willing to speak fearlessly the words of God into the life of a man who bears great responsibility and authority.

Yet as I read, I was so indebted to having read the original story in scripture. It provided the necessary perspective to understand where the hand of God lay, and where poetic licence or supposition had played a part in the telling of the story. I was reminded that we need to carefully weigh such writing against the authoritative word as we have it in scripture, and so be able to discern the true word of God as He has given it to us. 

Read by all means, but with a critical eye and mind that you might not be led in to paths unhelpful.


Your Pastor