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Even with filters in place I still seem to receive a lot of junk mail on my computer.  Offers appear which I have not requested which quickly find their way in to the trash. Yet every once in a while someone sends me a link to a U-tube video, or for a book they have found helpful or interesting in their thinking about life and faith. Just this morning such a message arrived and I was pleased I took the time to watch and listen. It was a time for reflection and was encouraging and life affirming. 

It got me thinking about how we use technology for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. 

Some of you I know have the Bible and other Christian texts on your computers. I asked a young woman who was asking about Christian faith whether she had a Bible. Not ahard copy was the response, but on my computer. 

As we’ve been sharing in Alpha I was reminded that all of the material, including the talks, can be found on the web-site. 

Many Christian books are now available in digital form.

Such use of technology doesn’t replace the need for meeting together. However, it does offer opportunity for us to grow, and for growing, the kingdom if used with care and discernment.  

And just a short note can be so encouraging.    

Just a few random thoughts.

God bless