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Pentecost - Community Empowered By God's Spirit

Balwyn Anglican


Over recent weeks we have been thinking around the theme ‘Community: Building Relationships within God’s Family’.

This morning we also celebrate Pentecost, when people from all nations and language groups gathered around the newly empowered disciples and heard with wonder the message of the gospel, and the response it called for in their lives, and which saw their being added to the number of the early church those who were being saved. 

Pentecost signified the building of a new community, empowered by God’s Spirit and obedient to the Lord Jesus. It established a whole new set of relationships – relationships which would be important to their growing in their knowledge and love of God, and in their witness to the Lord Jesus. It established the basis for deep and abiding relationships, which would sustain them in the face of the opposition from those in the world about them.

As a Church, we have that opportunity of connection and connecting with people as we do life together, and deepen in our love for one another, and welcome others to experience that same warmth of relationship that comes from being part of God’s family.