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The Season Of Your Life

Balwyn Anglican


I remember Mum wanting to plant a Liquid Amber in the front yard of their house in Bentleigh and I remember her joy when Autumn came and the tree, or rather its leaves began to change into a blaze of colour. How strange, I thought, that you’d want a plant or a tree for what happened at the end of its cycle or season. It certainly gave shade through summer, but that wasn’t why Mum wanted it. It was for its colour in Autumn!

God has planned seasons in our lives and each of those seasons yields their particular “fruit”. We can easily make the mistake of believing, as one season seems to close that the point of my life is doing the same - closing. Not true!

The ‘point of your life’ is first and foremost, knowing and enjoying God and glorifying Him accordingly. The “fruit” that God brings into your life, and through your life, into others’ lives isn’t the primary reason why God created you. It was so you might know Him, enjoy Him and serve and glorify Him - forever!  He will make your life “fruitful” - all the way through your life - if you’ll walk with Him in every part of it. The “fruit” that He brings will change along the way.

Moses was groomed as a prince and leader, only to apparently waste 40 years in the desert looking after Jethro’s sheep! But, as we all know, they weren’t wasted. Through them, God was preparing him for the colourful season that was going to come at the end of his life, as God, through him, led Israel out of slavery and trained them as his people, ready to enter into all that God had promised Abraham.

What is God wanting to teach you and how is He wanting to use you in this season of your life?