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A Fresh Start

Balwyn Anglican


I hope you enjoyed your extra hour last night!  I did!

One of the powerful things that Easter presents for us is “New Beginnings.”  When God the father raised Jesus from the dead on that first Easter Day, the new creation began.  With Jesus’ resurrection, a whole new range of options became possibilities – real possibilities, not only for the Apostles but for all of humanity and especially for you and me.

From the days of Adam, humanity had been separated from God, unable to freely approach Him, and more than that humanity had lived, quite rightly, in fear of God.  But now God was accessible – “all who will may freely enter.”  

The new life that began to throb in the lives of the apostles and the early church was a transforming one.  When Paul and his team reached Thessalonica, the people who lived there declared, “Those who have turned the world upside down are now here!”  Wow there’s impact!  “Turned the world upside down!” 

But that is the real transforming power of God’s grace shown to us in Jesus’ resurrection.  

You and I are part of this life changing team.  Question is: do we realise it, and if we do, do we function as it?  These are the themes I hope to explore with you over the next couple of weeks.  It should be fun.