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The Good News!

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Today, in every corner of the globe, millions of people will declare” ‘Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!’ For some, it may be the first time – for others it will be the continuing pattern of their celebrating the life Jesus brings in their lives.

The events of that first Easter Day ring down through history and are the very reason we as a church exist. We are people who have heard the good news of Easter and seek to live it out. Good news that Jesus is alive. Good news that he is the same yesterday, today and forever. Good news that we can experience relationship with, and the love of God, our creator. Good news that we don’t have to carry around the burden of our sin. Good news that forgiveness is available to all. Good news of the possibility of transformation and renewal in our lives and our world.

It is this good news that was proclaimed that first Easter morning and that we proclaim today. In a world littered with headlines of despair and hopelessness, in situations of personal crisis, difficulty and struggle, it is this Good News that brings hope, and joy and peace. I pray you might each experience that hope, that peace and that joy this Easter day.

God bless