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A Loving Community

Balwyn Anglican


The early church was known for its fellowship and gathering together to support and encourage one another as they shared meals, learnt from the apostles and God’s word, prayed and supported one another in their daily lives. We’re told that as people saw the love they had for one another, this was attractive, and ‘God added to their number daily those who were being saved’. What a great picture of the church – a group of people caring for and loving each other and honouring and glorifying God.

Stephen, in his address to the Pharisees and church leaders just before he was taken out and stoned, quotes from scripture God’s words to his people:

        ‘What kind of house will you build for me?’     Acts 7:49

And He is not talking about the bricks and mortar, but the type of church we will be. 

Will we desire to meet and share together, and from that encouragement and closeness of relationship, be attractive to others as we live and offer life in community.

Many in this modern, fast-paced world crave this type of community – where they are valued and loved.

Are we? Will we continue to be this type of church – a church where people come and find friendship and acceptance, a church characterised by fore-bearance and love, joy and peace – and empowered by the very Spirit of God.