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It's All In The Words

Balwyn Anglican


Words are important. They have the power to lift the spirit of another, to show and declare love, to build up and encourage. Yet these same words also have the ability to hurt and diminish, to inflict pain and bring separation. How we use our words matters. The things we say matter.

God, in his infinite love and mercy and grace, spoke creation into being. And He has not left us alone, but speaks in to our hearts and lives though His word – his words of love and forgiveness and encouragement and support as He journeys with us, and we with Him, in our lives: 

“I love you”. “You are precious to me”.”I will never abandon you”.
“Come to me – you will find rest for your soul”…

He always speaks words of affirmation and support and encouragement even in times of correction.

He shows us His heart, and desires that we might similarly show this love, acceptance, and forgiveness in the way we use our words in relationships with spouses, our children, our extended family and with friends and people we meet in our daily walk.

May we be wise in the use of words that others might be encouraged and lifted up.