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Pray for Our Leaders

Balwyn AnglicanComment


This past week has been eventful in the life of our nation with a change of Prime Minister and the consequent changes this will bring in the make-up of our government, its policies and future direction.

As the Apostle Paul encourages us, please pray for our leaders. Ask that God would grant them wisdom and understanding in the affairs of the nation and the role we might play internationally. 

Ask that we would not be discouraged or disparaging of our leaders but rather uphold them and grant them the respect they deserve as our elected representatives.

And in all of this remember that God is sovereign and, despite appearances to the contrary, in control in His world.

Ask that we as individuals and a nation would be open to His guiding and direction and that His will be done and His purposes realised in the life of our nation and His world.

To His honour and glory.