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I’ve often heard it said that our young people are the future of our church. And while in many respects this is true the reality is that they are not just the future but already full members of God’s people – His Church, now. And so this morning we are doing something a bit different in the 10.30 service with the adults going out for teaching time while the children and young people remain in the church for their teaching time with Miriam. This fulfils a promise to the children and seeks to recognise their importance to and their full membership of our church.

It is hoped that over coming weeks opportunities will be created for our young people to participate on rosters and in ministry leadership on a regular basis utilising the skills and abilities God has given them. We also pray for the raising up of teachers for our Sunday morning children’s and youth programs to fill the vacancies caused by the departures of Karina and Miriam from these roles amongst us.

Please pray for wisdom and the leading of God’s Spirit as we seek to develop these important ministries and so disciple our young people.