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Stay Close

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It’s good to be back. A big thank you to Richard and Sue for their ministries and making it possible for us to experience the wonder of this amazing land and its people. We are enriched by our time away and return refreshed for the ministry that lies ahead over the next few years.

On our journeys we had the opportunity of sharing in worship in a number of places, including in a number of indigenous ‘People’s Churches’. We were encouraged by their testimonies to God’s goodness and their desire to share their stories of faith and healing with others in their communities.

This morning we will be thinking about the empowerment that comes in our lives from the indwelling Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, and the need to stay close to Him. The Apostle Peter reminds us that the Christian life is not without effort but neither is it without the equipping and empowerment that God provides for us in our lives as we live each day close to Him. 

We will be encouraged to stay close and in doing so grow in our maturity, discipleship and love for Him.

Again great to be back.