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Child of God

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Have you thought how important relationships are and how transforming they can be?

Take Moses, for example.  He was born to parents who were slaves and the order was out for his execution as a baby (along with his peers!), but he met a princess and instead was brought up as a prince!  Truly, a case of not what you know, but who you know!

The interesting flip-side to this is the case where the person is born as one thing (for example, a prince) and grows up believing they are something else (certainly not a prince!).   We, all too often, can reflect the behaviour of the world in which we “grew up,” even though that is not our real identity.

As I’ve been sharing over these weeks, what we believe our identity is, will radically effect what we believe is possible for us to be or to do!

You and I have been, through Jesus, born into God’s family.  Remember Jesus’ words to Nicodemus, 

“Unless a person is born again, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  

If you’ve been born again you have a new Father, and this Father is the King of history and that makes you, as His child, a princess or prince, accordingly.

Is that how you live?  Is that the relationship that has transformed and defines your identity, or are you letting others do that for you?

Don’t be anything less than as you really are God’s child.