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Walk with Him

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Since returning from leave I have conducted two funerals, commenced marriage preparation for a young couple who are to marry in December and been involved in preparation for this morning's baptism of young Zachary Dimond. 

It reminds me that there is a rhythm and cycle to our lives on this earth.

We are born, grow and mature, and die. 

And yet in the midst of all this, there is the promise of relationship with God – a relationship which sustains, encourages, grows, comforts, delights … because it is a relationship. 

Our faith is not a religion that sets up rules for us to follow but an invitation to accept  friendship with God and walk with him in the midst of all the circumstances of life. 

We have come here this morning to witness this desire for Zachary, and to pledge ourselves to support and encourage his parents and god-parents in bringing the truth of this reality  to his life, that he too might have a lively and living walk with our Lord Jesus.

Please pray for him, his parents and god-parents in this that he might become a true disciple and know the joy and peace that comes from believing and walking with our God.