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Wonderful Work of God

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Over these last weeks I have been regularly telling you stories – good ones of course!  These stories have a common theme – God’s “amazing grace” in transforming lives.

Today Bob begins a series that he will deliver over the next three weeks and their theme?  Transformation!   

Transformation is an interesting idea.  When we think of it, we often think of the radical “transformation” of something like the caterpillar and the moth.  Radical to say the least!  But what we can often forget is that “transformation” took place bit by bit over the months of Autumn and Winter.

Sometimes God does work, in a moment, and what we see afterwards seems to bear little, if any, resemblance to what we saw at first.  But sometimes it is a slow and steady process that leaves us thinking, “nothing’s happening!”  When some one whom we haven’t seen for a long time sees us they are amazed at the change! Transformation was going on all the time!

Whether it’s sudden or steady it is still a wonderful work of God, a work that will one day be complete when we see Jesus face to face, as John puts it.