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Always With You

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Isn’t it amazing how fast the world around us can change?  I’ve been sitting in my office here watching the weather do just that.  One minute the sky is ominous and grey and rain is beating on the window and the next it is blue, without a cloud in sight and sun is streaming onto the garden.

The truth, of course, is that the blue sky never goes away (except at night when the stars replace it).  It’s always there!  It’s just that at times (and maybe too often for us living here) the cloud rolls in and the “blue” has vanished!  Thankfully the grey often brings rain, as it did this morning – for which we are always thankful.

Our world can seem like that, can’t it?  Except that sometimes we may feel that the “clouds” that roll in are a little more overwhelming.  And yet, no matter how overwhelming, the truth remains that God is always there.  That’s what Paul and Silas found in the jail at Philippi, and as they thanked God for being there (in their praise) the doors sprang open and ultimately the jailer became a Christian!

Perhaps the hymn-writer put it best:

    “Through all the changing scenes of life...
    the praises of my God shall still
    my heart and tongue employ.”

Have an amazing week in your walk with Jesus and remember, whether you’re “in trouble or in joy” He’s with you!  Hallelujah.