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It's Possible!

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Have you ever wondered about the world we live in?  Of course you have. It’s a world of amazing wonders and, at times, strange contradictions. 

Take us, for example. On the one hand we’re excited (and perhaps a little apprehensive, too) about the developments in technology and yet we want our world to stay as we’ve always known it – for things to be done as they’ve always been done!

The problem is we can’t choose which parts to change or keep!  It all keeps going anyway!  That, perhaps, is where David got it right.  His focus was not on the environment around him, so much as the Shepherd who walked with him.  

From that perspective, even the worst of circumstances – “the valley of the shadow of death” – seemed possible, because God was with him – His “rod and staff” were David’s comfort and surety.

To speak of the “rod and staff” is to speak of the Shepherd.  The certainty of the “rod and staff” was the hands they were in. 

Isn’t that true for us today?  Our security lies, not in our ‘felt’ competency to address our situation, or our knowledge and certainty of what’s happening and how it might be addressed, it lies the hands of the One who holds the “rod and staff.”  With Him at hand, as Paul puts it, “all things are possible!”

Have a great week in your walk with Jesus.