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What's your Story?

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Have you ever listened to a good story-teller?  No, I don’t mean someone who tells “stories,” or who, in other words, lies, I mean someone who narrates a story. I have and there are some interesting details that I see.  

The first is, the story is anchored in life.  It’s not about things that don’t matter.  It’s about things that someone has had to deal with.  That’s one of the things that gave Jesus’ parables, what we might call “grunt.”  They were about real situations; the kind of situation that His hearers could easily have been in.  In other words they were about life. 

And more often than not, the story was about someone other than the story-teller or the narrator.  It may have involved them but they were not the focus of the story.

You know, all of us have stories to tell about real situations – situations that we have been in, and stories about what God has done in those situations.

What are some of your stories?  How has God worked in your life or experience?

You know your sharing of your story might be the key to unlocking the same, or a similar possibility in someone else’s life.

Have a great week and watch out for what God’s doing – and think of sharing that with all of us!