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Smooth Sailing or Not ?

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This morning marks the beginning of another week; the beginning of a new cycle in God’s story of history (as every week is). How do you think ‘history’ and your part in it, have gone to date? How we see ourselves and what God is doing through history profoundly impacts the way we live.

If we see history as though it were like the lost Russian spacecraft in the news the other day - hurtling through space, out of control - our expectation of what we think can happen and our influence or impact on it will be limited, minimal in fact. “I mean, it’s all a matter of luck!” Or so we think.

But if we believe that God is leading history to a purposeful climax and that we are His agents in history (His Ambassadors, Paul calls us), then how we approach our life and our ministry will be radically different.

It all lies in who we believe we are and who it is we serve!

The Bible never promises that life will be ‘smooth-sailing’ but it does promise that “God will make all things work together for those who love Him, those He’s called” - you and me.

When we take this perspective, life becomes a journey of watching God’s masterpiece unfold around us and through us - every day!

If you’re a guest with us today, welcome. We trust that your time with us this morning will be a blessing.