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Mother's Day

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Today we, with our community, celebrate “Mother’s day.” So to all our Mums - “Happy Mother’s Day!”

The relationships we share are foundational to our lives. Through them we learn who we are and how to live in the world around us. The care we receive from our Mothers is a unique part of that foundation.

Not only are relationships important in this way but each relationship teaches us something about our relationship with God. Each one reveals another aspect of the character of God and how God wants to relate to and care for us.

Often, when we think of TLC (for those who’d forgotten - Tender Loving Care!), Mum is the one who epitomises that to us. The wonderful fact is, that our experience of TLC, through her, is an demonstration of God’s care for us - His infinite TLC for each and every one of us. Praise God for Mums!

This morning marks a special moment in our life as Karina - who has been working in our children’s ministry and in the office - is leaving us. For a while at least. In a few days she will be winging her way to New York to join her family who have left already. Karina, safe journey and thanks for all you’ve shared of yourself in your time with us. We will miss you. May God bless you, richly, in the days ahead.

If you’re visiting us this morning, welcome and if you’re joining our 10:30 service, welcome to Messy Church. We trust you enjoy your time with us today and that your life is blessed through it.