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Holy Trinity

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Today we celebrate what is, humanly speaking, one of the most difficult concepts in the Christian faith, that of the Trinity.  How are Three individuals so intimately related that they are One?  

Numerous people have tried through the ages to come up with a resolution to this puzzle and almost every time have ended in error.  They end up affirming the Three but denying the One, or they end up affirming the One in a way that negates the Three. Sometime, our only option is to accept the reality without understanding it. We do it in all sorts of ways, don’t we? Do we fully understand how our computer, smart phone, or tablet works? Probably not, but we all use them and are grateful for them.

So it is in our relationship with God. We can step into this relationship without understanding Him fully, and when we do, we come to share in the most secure relationship in existence – anywhere!  We are assured of the love of the same heavenly Father that Jesus loved; we are promised His love, His joy and His hope and we are assured that nothing – in all creation can separate us from that love.  We are promised the same Holy Spirit who lives with the Father and was with and empowered Jesus as a foretaste, a “down payment,” as Paul calls it, of all that is to come.  

The truth is God shared in our life so that we might share in His.

God bless,