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Welcome if you’re a visitor to Balwyn Anglican.  It’s lovely to have you with us.  And welcome Balwyn Anglican.  Praise the Lord for rain – even when it’s cold.  It’s great to see the soil soaking it up. 

This morning we celebrate Jesus Ascension!   The journey begun when the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary comes full cycle – and what a journey it’s been.  Having to flee, as a baby, to Egypt to avoid being killed by Herod; dumbfounding the theologians and scholars at 12, and then all the amazing things of His three years of public ministry culminating in the Cross and Resurrection!  Now comes the moment when that victory begins to be realised – all authority, in heaven and on earth is now given to Jesus.  So why not stay to exercise it? Well Jesus gives some really important, in fact wonderful, reasons why.

First He goes in order to “prepare a place” for us, so that where He is” we may be also!” That’s special! 

Secondly, and perhaps more amazingly, He goes so that the Father can send the Holy Spirit to us, to be in us and with us forever – the same Holy Spirit that was with and in Jesus, but more of that next week.

And the lovely note He finishes on, is that if He leaves us, He will also return to take us to be with Him.  His leaving is a promise of His return.  And so we celebrate Ascension. May God bless you as we do so.