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100 Years of ANZAC

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This morning we are taking a moment to remember those who have made the enormous sacrifice of going to war for the sake of this nation. Many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This morning we particularly remember the ANZAC’s of the First World War and the horrendous circumstances they faced. But more than that to remember the amazing feats they achieved a hundred years ago.

Our hearts also stretch out to those involved in other conflicts subsequently, and even those who are now putting their lives on the line in the service of our nation. We give thanks for them and honour them in our remembering and in our prayers for peace.

We are reminded also that Jesus was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us and gave His life that we might know a lasting peace - with God and with one another. As we put our faith and trust in Him we experience the transforming power of His Spirit in our lives and so become His agents of peace in our world today.

God bless,