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Lent means waiting

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What do you want to see change in your life?

Maybe a personality trait? Maybe a relationship that is strained or that you would like to see grow and develop to a whole new level? Maybe a leading or challenge you are finding hard to clearly discern or know how best to move forward with? Maybe a habit or behaviour you want to change, or something in your spiritual life or relationship with God? Maybe a pain or hurt that you carry and find hard to put down…?

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, traditionally a time of waiting and reflection. It is a time of preparation for Easter: forty days of preparation for fifty days of celebration, culminating in Pentecost.

Lent means waiting.

This time is often characterised by the giving up of something, of some denial (observed by many in the past and some today in fasting) which is designed to create longings that need to be satisfied and so point and create within us a deeper appreciation of God and his great gifts. It is not about simply giving up chocolate but rather something deeper and more costly.

I want to suggest that this year we use this time to deal, with God’s help, with some of those things in our life we want to change and to deepen in our relationship with Him by spending time in prayer and reading and quiet meditation. Bringing to Him those things on our hearts with confidence and assurance that as we do so he will meet us, comfort us, strengthen us, guide and direct us.

God does not need lent, but we do.

I pray you will find some time each day to sit quietly, reflecting on His love and power. And that as you do, you will be renewed and refreshed and your deepest needs met by Him who loves you and whose Son, Jesus, died for you.