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Remembrance Day

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This morning we remember those who have served, and continue to serve, in the armed forces of this nation and to give thanks for them and the sacrifice they have made, and continue make, on our behalf in ensuring the freedoms we enjoy.

We welcome those ex-service personnel with us today at our 9am service and the cadets of Camberwell Grammar School.

We know that it is God’s desire that all should be free and able to participate in the great enterprise of preserving His creation and sharing with justice the resources of this world.

We pray for those who would make for war – that God would soften and change their hearts – that we might all live in peace. We pray for reconciliation in the affairs of the nations and in the lives of individuals affected by the pain and suffering of war. We look to our Lord Jesus and seek to be more like Him as He shows God’s goodness, love and mercy in the face of opposition and violence.

In his name.