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We have difficulty in conceiving just how difficult it is to live as a Christian in those places in our world where declaring the lordship of Christ brings with it the threat of death or physical harm, persecution and suffering. And yet I am reminded that those who suffer in this way in the name of Christ are my brothers and sisters. We can so easily be indifferent and often at a loss to know how we might respond to their plight.

Yet the cry from those who experience such suffering is that we do not forget them; that we commit them to God in our prayers; that, where we are able, we provide material and monetary support to churches and agencies supporting and encouraging them in the midst of their difficulties; and that we add our voice to those who are seeking their freedom and well-being.

This requires intentionality in seeking out and exposing ourselves to the plight of brothers and sisters through whatever information we are able to glean through those working closely with them, agencies such as the Barnabas Fund, Amnesty and others; and then prayerful seeking to respond practically to the needs this lays upon our hearts.

May we be a source of hope for these our brother and sisters in Christ and may their prayers raise up in gratitude and thanks to our God for the generosity extended by the body of Christ in this their time of need.