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I have thought for a while it might be interesting to include a book review as part of my sharing with you in this weekly reflection.

So here we go:

   ‘Vanishing Grace: What ever happened to the good news?‘  - Philip Yancy

The overriding theme in God’s story is that of grace – his undeserved favour shown toward us and his world simply because he loves us and this world.

In his book ‘Vanishing Grace’ Yancy questions whether we as his people,  his church always show this same grace in our relationships with each other and, in particular, with those in this world who do not profess a faith in him.

He observes that the evangelical church in particular is seen by many as not part of a solution but part of the problem - often characterised as judgmental and superior in their attitudes and behaviour and divisive in their relationships with others.

As he poignantly observes:

    ‘Often, it seems, we’re perceived more as guilt dispensers than as grace dispensers.‘ 
(p. 16)

His book invites us to rediscover the wonder of grace, to reflect that grace in our lives and to discover ways of sharing that grace with our broken world.

He invites us to look at other models to communicate the gospel in addition to those we have used in the past for the sake of the gospel and our world.

I commend this book to you if you are looking for something that might help and equip you in living out your faith ‘amid the changing landscape of our day’.

God bless