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God's Economy

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Today we celebrate Australia Day and give thanks for the freedom and standard of living we enjoy in this nation. And it is something to be truly grateful for.

Yet we know, more than ever in this 21st century, that we belong to a worldwide community and that what happens in one part of the globe affects others living in other nations. No-one these days can be an island unto themselves, if this were ever the case. Your and my standard of living has implications for brothers and sisters in other places.

Where is God’s ‘economy’ in all of this. In many ways He is, and always has been, way ahead of us in our understanding of our place in the world and where we call home. His kingdom has always bridged the divides of culture and national identity. And his call upon us extends beyond the limited vision we sometimes share and find in those about us. He grants to us a new perspective, a new understanding, a new loyalty. And he calls for it to show in our lives. To be grateful yes but also to be aware that our citizenship of heaven carries with it responsibility.

We may be called upon to stand up against prevailing wisdom and to be willing to sacrifice, just as Jesus did, our lives and comforts for the good of others. In the words of some of our Christian leaders and writers we may be called upon to live more simply so that others may simply live.

A few thoughts for this Australia Day.