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Giving Generously & Joyfully

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This morning your Vestry will be sharing with you about the current state of our finances and the need for an increase in giving if we are to meet our goals for the 2013/14 financial year.

It is important when thinking about these things to remember that these goals are not primarily financial goals but ministry goals both for our life together and our reaching out to others. Part of our discipleship involves how much we give to support this work of ministry.

Scripture encourages us to be generous and sacrificial in our giving. It encourages us to see it as a joy, not a burden. The Old Testament guide of tithing is replaced in the New Testament by this giving generously and joyfully. Tithing then might be seen as minimum with many of us able to give more than a tenth of our income to the work of God.

Please commit these matters and the level of your giving to prayer and I pray that as you give you might know the blessings that come from being a cheerful giver.

God Bless