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Iron Sharpens Iron

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We would love to have a number of new Life Groups established to give an opportunity for all in our congregations to be involved in small group fellowship. In particular a number of evening groups would be great to enable those with work commitments to become involved.

We realise one size doesn’t fit all and so would be interested in your feedback on what might work for you. We are not fixed on any particular model but would love to find one that works for you and your needs. Please let me know what you think and we’ll see what we can arrange.

We would also be interested in offering a number of one-off short courses, in particular ‘The Marriage Course’ - designed to take your marriage to a whole new level; and ‘Alpha’ - a great course designed for you and any of your friends who are interested in knowing what Christians believe. If you would be interested in attending or assisting with either of these please talk with me.

It would be great to see the initiatives get off the ground so please prayerfully consider how you might be involved.

God bless,