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Starting Our Healthy Life Together

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Have you given thought to joining or commencing a Life Group? If so please come and have a talk with me about who else might be interested and how we might move forward in establishing such a group(s).

I realise it is always hard to get started - some people are not sure of what it entails, some are apprehensive about whether they might fit in, some find it hard to see where they might include one more thing into their already busy lives.

Yet those who have been and continue to be involved in Life Groups testify to the blessings, the encouragement and support they find in these groups for living their Christian lives.

In fact I believe they are the life blood of any growing and healthy church.

It would be great if we could aspire to every member of the congregation being a member of a Life Group. The power this would unleash in our life together would be amazing.

Please consider signing on.

God bless