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Where the Spirit is

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Last week we spoke of the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit - for our spirit to be co-operating with God - our spirit in tune with Him. We likened it to the sail on a yacht needing to be continuously filled with the wind if it was to move forward. Of the need to flow with the breeze, tweaking and adjusting to the direction of the wind, co-operating with it and taking guidance and direction from it.

This week we are thinking about the reality that where the Spirit is - things happen.

The witness of scripture is that lives are transformed, healings take place, there is a new boldness given to proclaim God’s word, churches grow, people give, gifts are harnessed and released amongst God’s people, there is a holiness of life experienced in the people of God, there are prophecies, speaking and singing in tongues, there is new freedom found in worship…

I pray that we would be open to the movement of the Spirit in our gathering this morning and as we go from here into the world as his people. May we know and experience His blessing for us today.

God bless,