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Close Connection

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Over the last two weeks we have been thinking about the wonder of God coming to indwell us by his Holy Spirit (as we put our faith and trust in Him) and the impact this has on our lives. 

Last week we saw that this impact is not just in our individual lives but in the life of the people called out to be His under the headship of Jesus and empowered by his Spirit – the church. 

The church is to be an example of what the heavenly kingdom is like – people who care and share together, who learn and grow and develop in their faith together, who show forth God’s love to His world, together. 

The early church, we are told, stood out and were known to be Jesus disciples by the way they met together and by the way they showed love to each other and to the world around them.

Christian community is an essential part of God’s plan, not just for His people, but for the world.

How we engage together and share life is critical to God’s plan and for the drawing in of many who do not yet know Him as Lord and Saviour in their lives.

In theological terms we are to be a forerunner of that eschatological community of all saints who gather around their Lord and Saviour to bring Him all honour and glory now and for all eternity.

May we have such a close sense of connection and community that we show that love as His people here in Balwyn.

God bless,