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God Is Love

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I have enjoyed being with you for the past three weeks and thank you for your warm-hearted hospitality and support of me and my husband, Nigel. Whenever I come here I am encouraged by your faith in Jesus and your commitment to each other.

Worshipping together on Sundays is an important part of being church. Yet being church goes beyond Sundays and beyond the church buildings. What is so encouraging, is seeing people who incorporate their faith into their daily lives, expecting God to be at work in the world around them and being prepared for the Holy Spirit to lead them as they willingly offer themselves to be part of His larger plan.

Today we are looking at the final two chapters of the book of Ruth which read like a beautiful love story. However, it’s not just a story about romance and love between a man and woman. It’s a story of God’s love and faithfulness and of His faithful people who have been prepared and willing to be part of His plan. I pray that we will all be encouraged by God’s love for us this week as we go into the world for Him.

God bless,