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Judgement and Mercy

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It’s great to be back after a refreshing time away catching up with children and grandchildren and just generally relaxing in God’s wonderful creation. A very big thankyou for the way you welcomed and supported Christine while I was away. I am sure she was a blessing to you as she ministered among you.

This morning we turn our attention Noah, what we can learn from his faithfulness in following God, and what God is on about in His world as He seeks to address the consequences of human sin and rebellion.

We are confronted by His judgment and comforted by His mercy as we are reminded that never again do we need to fear. As we put our faith and trust in His Son, Jesus, who deals once and for all with everything that would separate us from Him. We are reminded that judgment and mercy meet at the foot of the cross.

May this reality comfort and strengthen us and bring forth in us lives of service and grateful praise to His honour and glory.

God bless,